the waterbomb tessellation and …..

The waterbomb tessellation

The waterbomb tessellation combines the origami waterbomb basic folding with a cube shape. Most likely, it was developed by Ron Resch.
waterbomb tessellation
Waterbomb tessellation crease patternWaterbomb tessellation crease pattern BWaterbomb tessellation crease pattern CWaterbomb tessellation crease pattern D
  •  ​Fold a square grid crease pattern
  •  Place the paper on the table with the valley fold up. This is going to be the back of the folded object draw a circle in the left corner this is the top site of a cube form. Count one square to the right and two down draw another circle, and repeat.
  • Draw crosses around the circles that are four squares big.
  • Continue this until the whole paper is filled.
  • Score the crosses with using an empty pen and a ruler to make mountain folds. you now collapse the paper, the two valley folds are pushed together, the cubes rotate a bit.

Similar Tessellations​

Here is a collection of similar tessellations provided by Daniel picker
Paper folding tessellation with triangles
​I folded the second one. It curved a lot and was difficult to fold. It needed to be glued to stay together.

Tessellation with triangle crimps

Paper folding tessellation with triangle crimp

Here is another example of an object that has a 3D relief surface but is constructed in a different way.
Please have a look at these tutorials first. An object is formed with triangle crimps, it forms a convex shape
Paper folding crease pattern tessellationimage that demonstrates folding tip
This can be changed using flatter corners in the triangles. A folding tip from me, fold one array of crimps, than skip one. Fold the next array of crimps and then collapse the in between part.
I do not now who invented this tessellation. The first example I found is in Paul Jackson’s book “Folding techniques for designers.
link to the site of Ron Resch