flat tessellations

folded square tessellations

​In 2009 the book ” origami tessellations, awe-inspiring geometric designs” by Eric Gjerde was published. Before this, it already existed as part of origami, mostly as animal scales. The Tessellations in this book are in majority flat or slightly puffed up. The folding always start with grids that are formed from square or triangles. The geometric shapes, that are created on the surface of the paper, are often rotated. Sometimes pleats are folded flat and cross each other with pleat intersections.
 This type of folding has become quite popular on the Internet. People have invented new and sometimes complicated folded objects. You can find them at Flickr and Pinterest.

tessellations with 9 squarestessellations with 9 rotated squares paper folding

I only made two very basic tessellations with squares. The first on has pleat intersections the second one is formed with rotated squares.There are PDFs and video tutorials available on the Internet. If you want to learn more I advise you to buy the book, it has advanced information that is nowhere to be found on the net.

 basics pdf

folding a square grid

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